Now that you are enjoying your pool with summer in full swing, add some pool floats and toys to make fun lasting memories.  Whether you prefer to relax by the water, or your pool is full of kids splashing and making waves, adding unique pool floats will give you the maximum benefit from your pool. 

If you enjoy floating around your pool on a lazy summer day, you might get the most benefit from a comfy lounger, one with drink holders and a headrest!  Or maybe you have a pool full of kids all summer, and they need something to encourage some good clean fun.   Pool toys come in all shapes and sizes, with something for all ages! 

Playing ball in the pool is a great past time, either volleyball or basketball, when you have to splash in the water to get the ball, it really doesn’t matter who wins the game.  Diving rings are a great way to teach children to dive and swim underwater, building their self-confidence as a good swimmer while playing a fun game at the same time. 

Never Leave Children Unattended

If your little swimmer isn’t swimming yet, there are many floats for babies and infants to introduce them to the water, while keeping them safe at the same time.   Never leave a child unattended in the water, even when in a flotation device or when wearing a life jacket.  All children that cannot swim should be wearing a life jacket or life-saving flotation device when around the pool, even if they are not in the water.

Never leave children unattended near a pool, even if they are not in the water and wearing safety devices.  This is the single most important thing that you can do to ensure the safety of children in or around your pool.  Walking away for even a brief moment can have dire consequences.  Make sure that everyone visiting your pool is aware of the rules, and be consistent in your pool safety procedures.  

Always follow all safety directions on pool floats or toys, and monitor children when using floats in the water.  Never allow any standing on floats in the water near a cement side of a pool, and do not allow jumping onto floats where kids can fall backwards and hit their heads.

Any games around the pool should not include running, running on the cement near a pool can be very dangerous.  And the number one rule for pool safety is to never yell for help unless you really need it.  This way everyone at your pool knows that when they hear a yell for help it is for real, and someone is in need of immediate assistance.

Following the rules provides a safe environment for all guests to get the maximum enjoyment from your pool.   Adding some fun toys and games can provide for a long-lasting fun day, providing the maximum enjoyment from your backyard haven. 

For the latest in pool floats and toys come by The Swimming Pool Store for a wide selection of fun pool products.  We offer friendly and professional pool maintenance from skilled and trained technicians.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most fun and relaxation from your pool.