Vacuuming your pool to keep it looking its best takes a lot of time. Reclaim those lost hours of pool maintenance, turning them into leisure time with a robotic pool cleaner.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool vacuums remove leaves, dirt, and algae from your pool’s floor and walls, allowing you to enjoy a sparkling, clean pool with minimal effort. Our customers often tell us an automatic vacuum is their favorite investment – after their pool!

How Automatic Pool Cleaners Work

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A robotic pool vacuum is easy to use. Simply plug it into a nearby outlet, choose a cleaning setting, drop it into your pool, and return to daily activities. Motorized wheels or rollers move the device while rotating brushes clean pool surfaces, picking up and trapping waste within a built-in filter for easy removal. The best robotic pool cleaners scrub from top to bottom, even climbing walls and scrubbing the water line, leaving no debris, dirt, or algae behind.

High-performance models, like the Dolphin robotic vacuum, offer advanced technology that provides fast, effective pool cleaning, including Wi-Fi connectivity for app-driven operation from anywhere. Program your pool cleaner to run on your schedule, ensuring your pool is always crystal-clear. Dolphin pool vacuums have a reputation for lasting performance and ease of use, featuring a self-programming that learns the best route to deliver fast, efficient pool cleaning.

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Advantages of Robotic Pool Cleaners

There are many benefits of robotic pool cleaners. After switching to an automatic pool vacuum, most customers tell us they wish they hadn’t waited so long to purchase one. Why should you jump in?

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  • Save time  – “Are you done yet?” No more spending hours on manual pool vacuuming while your family waits poolside. Automatic pool vacuums scrub, vacuum, and filter all surfaces in as little as 90 minutes. Run your robot pool cleaner in advance or drop it in when you’ve finished using the pool, saving hours a week.
  • Enjoy hassle-free cleaning – No more hauling hoses, sweating on the sidelines, and squinting for missed debris. Minimize tedious pool maintenance tasks, leaving the leaf and bug pickup to your robotic pool cleaner while you relax or tend to other things.
  • Thoroughly clean pool surfaces – Robot pool vacuums remove small particles that pressure and suction-side-style pool cleaners miss, including algae, sand, and water-level grime. 
  • Reduce filter maintenance – With an automated pool cleaner, you won’t have to clear skimmer clogs or backwash your filter. These self-contained units handle it all with minimal maintenance, reducing pool filter wear and tear. 
  • Use less chemicals – Thorough pool vacuuming eliminates contaminants that can upset pool water pH balance, reducing the frequency of chemical use. Robot pool vacuums also help circulate water, improving pool chemical distribution and performance.
  • Saves energy and money – Robotic pool cleaners offer eco-friendly cleaning. Their plug-and-go operation requires minimal energy (less than a light bulb), costing mere pennies to clean your pool.

Tips for Buying a Robot Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool vacuums come in many designs. Be sure to carefully check product specifications before purchasing to ensure safe use with your above-ground or inground pool surface type (plaster, granite, fiberglass, concrete/gunite, etc.).  Most feature a body, head/control unit, and waterproof cord. Some also offer a caddy for convenient storage.  

A caddy is a small but smart investment, making it easy and convenient to tote the vacuum unit to and from your pool. Look for models with an easily removable filter canister so you don’t have to touch the collected waste. Larger baskets allow you to wait longer between debris disposal.  Mesh filters are best, offering easy spray and wash hose cleanup.

Maximize Summer Fun with a Robot Pool Vacuum

Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. Experience the convenience of automatic pool cleaners from The Swimming Pool Store. 

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