Swimming pool cleaning and vacuuming is just part of pool ownership, but what if you didn’t have to lug out the hose and vacuum and mess with the pump every time? What if you could just drop in an automatic pool vacuum and walk away? 

A robotic pool vacuum is such a time saver, you will spend less time cleaning your pool and have more time to enjoy it. 

Automatic Pool Vacuums: Less Cleaning, More Swimmingautomatic pool vacuum

Automatic, robotic pool vacuums stroll along the bottom of your pool, and quality models like the Dolphin pool robot climb your walls and scrub the water line. Automatic pool robots can be programmed to run for a specific number of hours, and you can run them every day. Simply drop your robotic pool vacuum in the water, turn it on, and go about your day. You’ll come back to a clean pool with no dirt or debris on the floors and walls and have invested only a few minutes.

All you do is drop your robot in the pool and let it get to work. The only maintenance you have to do is to empty the basket from the robot, spray it clean and spray any dirt or leaves off the robot. 

Benefits of an Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Pool owners enjoy so many benefits from automatic pool robots; the only question they have is why they didn’t get one sooner. Robotic pool vacuums keep your pool clean so it’s ready when you are and provide many benefits, which include:

  • Saves time – Lugging out your hose and vacuum and manually sweeping your pool can take up to an hour or more, compared to the five minutes or less it takes to drop your robot in the pool, turn it and walk away. This is probably the biggest advantage that pool owners love the most. You should still manually vacuum your pool every week or two to give it a good cleaning and use your robot in between to save time. If you enlist weekly pool maintenance services, you could use the automatic pool robot in between and should never have to sweep your pool again.
  • Less hassle – Manually vacuuming your pool entails several steps and physical labor to be done correctly. You may want to backwash your pump first and make sure your filter has a strong suction from the skimmer line before connecting your hose. You then need to prime the hose with water before connecting to avoid getting air in the line. Then you have to actually stand there and sweep your pool back and forth until you cover every inch of the floor and walls. This can take quite a bit of time and effort.  

Don’t forget about cleaning the filter basket in your pump when you are done sweeping and backwashing your pump once again. All of this can be avoided when you use an automatic pool-cleaning robot. 

  • Saves wear on pool filter – Because an automatic pool vacuum operates independently of your pool filter, all of the dirt, debris, leaves, and everything it picks up goes into its own internal basket and does not run through your sand filter. This prevents extra wear and prolongs your sand filter
  • Collects pet hair – If your pets enjoy swimming also, dog hair can accumulate on the surface and find its way to the water line, contaminating the water and eventually making its way through your filter. Robots that scrub the water line can help to control pet hair in the pool, and if this is a problem, you may want to invest in a Skimmer sock to prevent any pet hair from clogging your filter.
  • Provides a cleaner pool – You will enjoy a cleaner pool because it’s so quick and easy to drop your robot in the water. Before owning an automatic pool robot, you may not hook up your hose to vacuum every little stream of dirt that settled on the bottom. With a pool robot, you can drop it in every day and enjoy a much cleaner pool on a regular basis.  

Get the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Swimming Pool Store offers automatic pool vacuums such as the high-quality Dolphin robot pool vacuum. After evaluating several brands, we recommend Dolphin by Maytronics for the best value based on price, warranty, and functionality. Dolphin pool robots come loaded with features, including: 

  • Energy efficientautomatic pool vacuum
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans the walls and water lines
  • Offers many programming and cycle choices for more cleaning options
  • Active brush spins 2x times faster than other popular cleaners for more scrubbing power
  • Bluetooth Enabled on Active 30i for control through any Bluetooth-enabled device!
  • No pre-installation is needed with no connections to pool system

The Swimming Pool Store has been providing high-quality swimming pool products and services for more than 50 years. Ask about our pool openings and maintenance packages, and contact us today to get your automatic pool vacuum.