We all love to cool off on a hot day, this goes for our pets too. 

If your dog loves to swim with you, as many dogs do, you may not be thinking about all that hair shedding in your pool until you have a problem with your filter.

Dogs shed on land and in the water, and using a robotic pool vacuum protects your equipment in addition to keeping your pool cleaner and saving you a lot of time. 

Benefits of a Robotic Pool Vacuum 

Robotic pool vacuums provide many benefits that pool owners should consider when thinking about getting an automatic pool cleaner, especially people with pets that swim. Pool owners that use a robotic pool cleaner are grateful for the following benefits:

  • Less time and work for you – the time saved alone is a huge benefit when you do not have to vacuum your pool by hand every time it needs a cleaning. You may want to vacuum your pool to your filter every week or two for a thorough cleaning, but your robot will keep your pool sparkling clean in between, grabbing dog hair, leaves, and debris while you are doing something else.  Consider weekly maintenance from The Swimming Pool Store and never sweep your pool again with the use of a robot in between cleanings. 
  • Enjoy a cleaner pool – it is so easy to use the robot that you can drop it in your pool every day if you like and enjoy a sparkling clean pool without putting in the work. You will find that it is very simple to keep your pool cleaner on a regular basis so that it is always ready whenever you want it or when friends or family drop by.
  • Protects your pool pump and filter – Robotic pool cleaners have a self-contained basket and operate independently of your pump system, thus preventing all debris collected from going through your pump and filter. You can prevent costly repairs or replacements of expensive equipment by using an automatic pool cleaner.

It has actually happened where dog hair collected over time and clogged a pump system. Many models of automatic pool vacuums climb the walls and clean the sides in addition to the bottom, this can be especially beneficial when dogs swim in your pool and hair might float on the surface and collect at the sides. 

Use a Skimmer Sock

In order to prevent hair and any debris from slipping through your skimmer basket and clogging your filter, you can use a skimmer sock. These handy little things won’t even let dog hair slip through the cracks. With a robotic pool vacuum and skimmer socks, you can float around the pool with your dog instead of constantly cleaning the pool.

Get Your Automatic Pool Cleaner While They Last


Get more enjoyment out of your pool, prevent costly repairs and have time to make more memories with your friends, family, and your pets. The Swimming Pool Store is currently carrying the Dolphin brand of automatic pool cleaners.  Stop in or call for details.

The Swimming Pool Store offers quality automatic cleaners from the most trusted brands for worry-free cleaning with all the benefits. 

The Swimming Pool Store can help you choose the best automatic pool cleaner for your pool.  We offer a complete pool store with all the products and chemicals you need to maintain a clean, healthy swimming pool.  Stop by today to start enjoying the many benefits of a robotic pool vacuum.