Using Borates in your swimming pool is highly recommended and provides many benefits for both inground and aboveground swimming pools. Borates are a mineral that are used in many residential and commercial applications, they are used as ingredients in medicines, cosmetics, ceramics and building materials in addition to being used as a laundry detergent booster in the home. They are found primarily in dried lakebeds where they are removed, cleaned, and packaged for use.

There are many reasons why you should use Borates in your swimming pool, the top five benefits include:

1. Borates Prevent Algae Growth

Borates act as an algaestat preventing algae growth rather than an algaecide which is used to kill algae. There is a misconception that Borates prevent algae growth by starving water from carbon dioxide (CO2). Borates do not remove CO2 from water which is continuously being dissolved into pool water from the atmosphere anyway. The actual mechanism involves interference of algal photosynthesis and metabolism via locking up nucleotide co-enzymes NAD+ and NADP+. Unless you’re a biochemistry major that probably doesn’t mean much to you.  Borates disrupt the cell wall development, metabolism, and cell division to prevent algae from occurring in the first place.

2. Borates Are an Excellent pH Buffering Agent

One main use is as a pH-buffering agent. When added to your pool. it will help to prevent the pH level from going too high (basic) or too low (acidic).

3. Lowers Chlorine Demand, Chemical Use and Pump Run Time

By preventing algae growth and maintaining proper pH level, using Borates drastically reduces the amount of chlorine and algaecide required throughout the year. Save as much as 50% on chlorine consumption. Pump running time reductions of 40% are common with times as great as 70% often seen. This can be a savings of several hundred dollars over the course of a summer for most pool owners. Why are pool owners able to run their pumps so much less by adding Borates? This safe chemical helps to keep the water clean and sparkling without as much filtration. Borates actually increase the refractory index of water so more light is reflected, thus sparkling, crystal clear water.

4. Water Sparkles And Feels Soft And Silky

One of the biggest selling points with this great product is the ability to give pool water that soft silky feel that pool owners love. It has a similar effect of adding bath salts to your bath water for a more soothing, muscle relaxing experience. Borates are so soothing that they are one of the main ingredients in Visine eye drops.
In addition, Borates also act as a natural inhibitor to corrosion, which is a common problem in salt-water pools. They also prevent scaling by preventing increases in pH and act as a weak chelating agent when they bind with calcium (which is what causes the scaling).

5. Borates Only Need To Be Added Once

The only thing that holds many of my customers back from using it is the cost. They see Borate as an optional additive that they have lived without for all these years, so why bother start using it now? Unlike most chemicals, they do not dissipate in water and are only removed when water is taken out of the pool. What that means is that they only need to be added once at the beginning of the season and your level of 30-50 ppm is maintained throughout the year. Once Borates have been added, the following spring you usually only have to add a smaller dose to boost levels when the pool is first opened, but never as much as is required for your initial dose.

With all of these awesome benefits, it really makes no sense to not be adding Borates to your swimming pool.

The Swimming Pool Store offers Borates along with all pool chemicals and free water testing. Ask about our pool opening and maintenance programs to maintain beautiful and healthy swimming pool water all season. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of using Borates in your swimming pool.