Your backyard swimming pool is your oasis, your water haven calling you to immerse yourself in relaxing, refreshing water on a hot, sunny day. Your backyard swimming pool is an inviting reprieve, for you, your guests, and unfortunately uninvited guests. Most states have laws regarding the requirements for swimming pool enclosures, which for the most part are for safety, to keep children out of harm’s way. A fence around your swimming pool will also help to keep animals out of your pool and will provide some privacy.

Connecticut has very clear rules on what is required for a swimming pool enclosure to meet code regulations. Section 421 of the State of Connecticut Building Code details the fencing requirements for a swimming pool fencing enclosure which include:

  • The fence must be at least 4 feet tall with any opening at the bottom no greater than 2 inches.
  • A fence surrounding a pool must be a solid barrier without any protrusions. For example, a climbable stone wall does not meet code requirements as a fence.
  • Access gates must have self-latching devices which must be placed inside the gate on the pool side if the latch is less than 54” above the bottom of the gate.
  • A fence composed of vertical and horizonal members requires the horizontal members to be placed on the inside of the fence.
  • A chain-link fence requires that squares be 2 1/4-inches or 1 3/4-inches, depending on the type of chain link fence.

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Swimming Pool Openings and Renovations

With March coming in like a lion, you may not be thinking about your swimming pool just yet. Spring is right around the corner, however, and it is a great time to consider what you would like to renovate or improve this season, such as using a robotic pool cleaner to spend more time swimming and less time cleaning. Maybe you want to know more about salt water swimming pools or are considering a pool heater to extend your swimming season. Let the experts at The Swimming Pool Store answer all your questions and get you ready for a safe and sensational swimming season.

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