With the arrival of spring, swimming season is right around the corner and pool owners everywhere are getting excited at the thought of opening our swimming pools for the season. If it is always a hit-or-miss whether or not your pool is an algae-filled disaster or is ready for an easy opening, here are some tips to get your pool ready for warmer weather.

Following these tips in the coming weeks will help to save you time and extra work in getting your pool swim-ready for the season:

1) Remove excess water on top of your pool cover. Start by clearing your pool cover from debris and excess water accumulated on top of the cover. You can use your winter pool cover pump or a sump pump and get your cover ready to remove.

2) Add liquid chlorine as soon as possible. You do not have to wait to open your pool to add your first shock treatment. After the first spring thaw, you can peel back one corner of your cover and add liquid chlorine. An average backyard inground pool will take one to two gallons of liquid chlorine.

3) Do not procrastinate on opening your pool. It is always best to open your pool before the weather gets too warm to prevent excessive algae growth. You can begin to see algae growth in your pool once the temperature reaches 40° F, so procrastinating on your pool opening can create more work for you, and delay obtaining pristine pool water.  Schedule your pool opening early with The Swimming Pool Store

4) Ensure that your water is at the appropriate height for water circulation – get your water level up to about halfway up the skimmer before circulating your pump.
5) Place your orders early for any equipment or services you know your pool will need – Due to the impact of the pandemic, the pool industry is facing unprecedented demand for products and services, many common products may be unavailable or available at substantially higher than normal prices, and it will be difficult to secure service appointments in a timely manner. We at The Swimming Pool Store are taking every measure possible to minimize these impacts.

Here’s everything you need to know about pool opening: preparing your water, preventing algae, types of chlorine, water testing, and more – 

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Opening: Preparing for a Splashing Summer

If you still notice algae growth in your pool, add more liquid chlorine and possibly treat it with algaecide. Pool owners need to have some patience in the spring and allow your initial doses of shock and your filter to do their jobs, while continuing with vacuuming. The Swimming Pool Store can help you determine what chemicals are needed with free water testing and expert swimming pool advice. We offer a variety of pool services, including pool openings, regular maintenance, renovations, restorations, heater consults, and more. Our large retail store carries all the chemicals, products, and pool toys you need for a beautiful pool and summer fun.

The Swimming Pool Store offers more than 50 years of experience and excellent swimming pool service. Contact us by email or call the store at (860) 673-6118 to leave a message. We will be scheduling pool openings soon, get your swimming pool ready for warmer weather by following these few easy tips.