How to prevent algae in pool water for the entire season

Just about every pool owner has encountered algae growth in their water at some point.   Perhaps you’ve returned from a weekend vacation to find that your crystal clear water in your  pool has become home to green, black, blue, or even pink slime. Even though you made sure your pool had plenty of chlorine, certain algae growths can still form.

There are countless types of algae that can grow in your pool, some have a higher resistance to chlorine and can persist in even highly-chlorinated water. Some algae will only grow on your pool walls, while others are free-floating, giving your pool’s water a uniform tint of green.

The vast majority of algaes depend on the following factors for growth:

  • Presence of nitrates, carbon dioxide, or phosphates in water
  • Poor circulation of pool water
  • Lack of chlorine or other sanitizer
  • Warm temperatures and abundant sunlight
  • Poor filtration from pool filter

Even the toughest forms of algae are easily preventable with the following tips on how to prevent algae in pool water and how to kill algae in pool water if it has started to grow:

  • Maintain proper sanitzer levels (chlorine or other sanitzer) by both shocking your pool periodically (for most pools, once a week) and using a maintenance sanitzer that proivdes slow-released levels of sanitizers, e.g. slow-dissolving chlorine tabs in a chlorinator or chlorine feeder, salt generator systems, or addition of granular sanitizers
  • Most pools have small directionals which return water from your filter system and point it in a certain direction. If you never change the direction of the returns, certain sections of your pool will have large pockets of stagnant water and will be more susceptible to algae growths. Periodically change the direction of your returns and make sure you pool’s pump is circulating water well-enough to ensure porper circulation.
  • USE AN ALGAECIDE! Chlorine and other sanitizers do a great job of killing algae, but with many strains of algae they may not be enough. Using an algaecide once a week along with maintaining proper sanitizer levels is the most effective chemical method of preventing algae. We recommend products such as Phoenix Algae Blast or Phoenix Poly-60 Algaecide, which are always well-stocked in our store.
  • Brush you pool walls periodically. Your pool walls are often algae’s favorite place to latch on and start a large growth. By brushing your pool walls once every two weeks, even if you don’t see algae, remove many of the films and oils that make the walls an easier target for algae.
  • Clean or backwash your filter regularly. Your filter does a great job of catching algae growths, but can become a hotbed for algae themselves if not cleaned periodically.

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