gas swimming pool heaterGas swimming pool heaters are great for both above ground and inground pools and heat the water up quickly. Gas pool heaters can operate with either natural gas or propane, with the difference being in the energy content and distribution method. A swimming pool professional can provide assistance in choosing the type of gas pool heater that will provide the most effective heating and cost-efficiency for your pool.

Some of the best-known brands in gas pool heaters include Pentair and Jandy, both offering high-efficiency heating during the season and protection against rodent damage in the off-season.

Quality Gas Swimming Pool Heaters

Gas swimming pool heaters are desirable in climates where pool owners wish to heat the water up quickly, like in Connecticut or any Northeastern state that experiences four distinct seasons. With just a few short summer months to enjoy your swimming pool, heating the water up quickly is important, and gas pool heaters can operate even if the temperature is less than 55°F outside.

This is important if you wish to open and start heating your pool early in the season or keep it open later than usual. With a gas swimming pool heater in Connecticut, you can do both! Pool owners that install a swimming pool heater often wonder how they went so long without one and enjoy a much longer swimming season.

Pool Heater Consultation

Pentair Mastertemp Pool Heaters

gas swimming pool heaterPentair has been providing solutions for life’s most precious resources since 1966, helping people to improve and enjoy water with sustainable applications. The Pentair Mastertemp gas swimming pool heater helps pool owners create more memories with cost-efficient pool heating that elevates your swimming experience. The Mastertemp pool heater gives you more time for backyard pool parties and saves money with smart pool heating technology.

The Pentair Mastertemp pool heater features a Smart Bypass energy-saving function that diverts the water flow when heating is not required. This can provide up to 35% in annual operational cost savings. Mastertemp gas swimming pool heaters allow owners to manage pool functions anywhere, anytime, with smart connectivity. Pentair helps pool owners to measure life in memories with a sensational swimming pool experience you can manage with the control of a finger.

Pentair offers pool and spa calculators for homeowners, and you can always contact The Swimming Pool Store to learn more.

Jandy JXI Pool Heater

Jandy is part of a rich, long history of quality companies that started more than a century ago, offering the best brands in the swimming pool industry. Jandy offers quality commercial and residential pool equipment, including the Jandy JXI™ energy-efficient gas swimming pool heater. The Jandy JXI pool heater is compact and easy to install on almost all pool pads and is compatible with most current systems.

Jandy JXI gas swimming pool heaters provide high energy efficiency available in both propane and natural gas models. The JXI pool heater features bypass technology to divert the water flow away from the heater when not needed, providing significant operational savings. Enjoy advanced automation compatibility for convenient control anywhere, anytime.

Gas Swimming Pool Heater Consultation And Assistance

The Swimming Pool Store offers personal pool heater consultations to evaluate the many important factors and considerations when selecting a quality gas pool heater. We carry the best name brands, including Pentair Mastertemp and Jandy JXI pool heaters, combined with expert swimming pool services

The Swimming Pool Store offers quality products combined with professional swimming pool services for healthy and sparkling water. We provide pool heater consultations to ensure the most effective and cost-efficient heating technology for your pool. Contact us to learn more about our many products and services and how to select the best gas swimming pool heater for you.