How do metals affect my pool water?

It might be hard to imagine, but your pool or spa is loaded with metals! Microscopic particles of various metals are suspended in the water and it’s important to keep them at proper concentrations.

Having specific concentrations of a few is actually necessary to keep your water, surfaces, and filter systems functioning optimally.

But when concentrations of metals like copper or iron are too high, it can reak havoc your pool. One of the most common issues is staining. Your pH level, chlorine, or other sanitizer will often oxidize metals in the water, discoloring the water or creating hard to remove stains on surfaces or equipment.

The metals in your water can come from several different sources:

● Any organic material that enters the pool, e.g. leaves, pollen, insects, animals

● The water source that is used when filling or refilling your pool

● The balancing chemicals, sanitizers, and algaecides added to the pool

Many people will notice the staining and discoloration in their pools and mistake it for algae, and will dump algaecide or shock in an effort to kill organic material. This can further exacerbate the problem by introducing compounds that interact with the metals.

It’s important to get your water tested when you see any type of discoloration in your water or on your surfaces. Bring in a sample if you notice these changes, we’ll test your water for free and if high concentrations of metals are present, we’ll show you how to safely and quickly remove them from your pool.

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