It’s time to open swimming pools and things are starting to heat up here at The Swimming Pool Store! Much like your pool, we’ve been hibernating all winter, but with all that snow and ice behind us, it won’t be long before the covers come off and swim season begins.

You schedule your pool opening online or call us to schedule your pool opening with us over the phone: (860) 673-6118. 

Here’s everything you need to know about pool opening: preparing your water, preventing algae, types of chlorine, water testing, and more – 

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Opening: Preparing for a Splashing Summer

Chances are your pool will need a few adjustments to balance the water so that it’s safe and comfortable to swim in all summer long, so be sure you get your pool off to the right start with a professional opening by our expert service technicians and a comprehensive water analysis with our accurate water testing software. It won’t be long before you’re breaking a sweat in your yard and have the urge to jump in your pool, so don’t get stuck with a covered-up pool and green water when that happens!

We look forward to helping you with all your pool and spa needs this season. We’ve spent the winter researching the best chemicals and products the industry has to offer, and as always we strive to keep them at the lowest prices possible.  Give us a call at (860) 673-6118 and let us know when you’d like to have your pool ready!