Installing a heater in your swimming pool can extend your swimming season to get the most out of your pool each summer. New England weather can be unpredictable with a hot humid summer one year and a cooler summer the next. Opening your pool in Connecticut without a pool heater leaves you crossing your fingers and hoping for warm sunny days. If you love swimming as much as we do, it may be time to consider installing a swimming pool heater to swim later in the season and start earlier upon opening.

Hayward Swimming Pool Heaters

The Swimming Pool Store offers a swimming pool heater installation consultation to help determine which type of pool heater is best for you with the most cost-efficient option. Along with offering quality Hayward pool heaters in either gas or electric, we help you make the right decision depending on your specific factors such as the size of your pool, how much sun exposure your pool gets during the day, whether or not you use a solar cover and other important considerations to choose the best option.

Hayward is a leading manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment and offers a wide selection of swimming pool heaters to meet the needs of any residential pool owner. You may be wondering if you should consider a gas or electric heater, the swimming pool specialists at The Swimming Pool Store can help you make this decision by evaluating your specific considerations.

Gas pool heaters burn either natural gas or propane, heat up pool water fairly quickly and operate independently of the outside air temperature. They can be a bit less expensive to purchase although can be more expensive to operate depending on the cost of natural gas and the climate. An electric heat pump are designed to be energy efficient with less ongoing heating costs, have a longer lifespan than gas heaters and are environmentally friendly with no air emissions.

Choose Your Pool Heater Model at The Swimming Pool Store

The Swimming Pool Store offers quality Hayward swimming pool heaters and a professional pool heater consultation to make sure that you install the best pool heater for your pool. Hayward pool heaters come in the following models:

Hayward H Series Gas Heaters:

  • 300k BTU Propane: $3400.00
  • 350k BTU Propane: $3800.00
  • 400k BTU Propane: $4100.00
  • 300k BTU Natural gas: $3550.00
  • 350k BTU Natural gas: $3950.00
  • 400k BTU Natural gas: $4250.00

The H Series heaters provide high performance with energy efficiency and many additional features.

Hayward Summit XL Electric Heat Pumps:

  • 112k BTU: $5350.00
  • 140k BTU: 5900.00

The XL Series of Hayward electric heat pumps provide comfort and efficiency with quiet operation and reliable heating.

The Swimming Pool Store Offers the Best Pool Heater for You

Whether you use your swimming pool for fun, exercise, entertaining the kids, or all of the above, a pool heater allows you to get the most out of your pool with a longer swimming season. Enjoy being able to swim early in the season, never worry about pool temp during the summer and grasp on to every last day until closing in the fall with a swimming pool heater. With so many different types of pool heaters and available options, it can be confusing to know what the best heater for your swimming pool would be, how to go about getting it installed and how much money you might save.  Understanding the heating pool technologies available, how they work, energy usage and costs will help you to choose the right type of pool heater for you. 

A pool heater consultation at The Swimming Pool Store will answer all of these questions for you and get you on your way to extending your swimming season. Hayward pool heaters provide a comfortable swimming pool environment with reliability and efficiency. Contact us to learn how to get the most from your pool with a swimming pool heater.