Pool closing season is near! It might not feel like it with the recent heat wave, but it won’t be long before the leaves start falling and we need to cover our swimming pools for the winter.

Now is the time to make the decision about your pool cover. If you are looking to upgrade to a custom mesh safety cover, or if your current safety cover is at the end of its life, contact The Swimming Pool Store today so we can place those orders before it’s too late.


You can learn more about cover options here:

Pool Safety Covers

We offer mesh safety covers from four different manufacturers: GLI, Latham, Loop Loc, and Merlin. We’ve had great luck with all four of these companies, each of which has been making quality custom safety covers for many years. They are MUCH more reliable than the cheap online options and offer industry-leading warranties.

Wide Selection of Quality Swimming Pool Safety Covers

You can view all of the options for swimming pool safety covers from the top manufacturers on their websites:

GLI Pool Products: http://www.glipoolproducts.com/Products/Safety-Covers/

Latham: https://www.lathampool.com/solid-mesh-pool-covers/

Loop Loc: https://www.looploc.com/pool-safety-covers-mesh

Merlin: https://www.merlinindustries.com/safety-covers

It is important to follow the proper steps when closing a pool to prevent damage.

Learn more about why you should upgrade to a safety pool cover if you haven’t yet, and call us about our pool closing and winterizing services for peace of mind that your pool will be protected over the cold New England winter.  Enjoy a discount on your pool closing this year as we want to help you realize the many benefits of a swimming pool safety cover.

So hurry and give us a call at (860) 673-6118, or email us at info@theswimmingpoolstore.com